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Necessary Steps to Future-Proof Your Company's Workforce

Businesses face many fast-changing risks, including unpredictable difficulties in retaining the workforce. Intelligent robotics solutions offer protection.

Posted March 2022 Back to Resources

Necessary Steps to Future-Proof Your Company’s Workforce

Businesses face an onslaught of pressures in our rapidly changing world to modernize and expedite their processes. Considering the cost of labor and the instantaneous nature of modern business, it can seem impossible for your workforce to keep up with demand.

Thankfully, the rapidly-growing robotics industry offers a timely solution. This decade, the industrial robot market is expected to grow globally from around $40 billion to well over $100 billion. Already millions of these robots are at work, producing many of the products that we know on our shelves. And while hitherto they’ve been too simple to handle more intricate tasks, artificial intelligence innovation is changing that.

As the use of artificial intelligence increases, companies can use these robots to keep up with growing demand without losing control of their production costs or wages. Smart robots that do more for less can contribute to future-proofing your company.

Leverage The Use of Robotics and AI

Robotics can also handle many of the rote tasks humans once had to take care of—and artificial intelligence empowers them to behave even more efficiently. Instead of merely conducting the same pre-programmed actions like traditional robots do, robots powered by AI can adjust and adapt to each situation.

Artificial intelligence increases business productivity by performing equivalent functions to human labor at lower cost. For example, if a robot equipped with artificial intelligence can stack boxes on a pallet for half the cost of human labor, this doubles productivity. This liberates humans to work on more creative business activities.

Industrial robots vary in their use of artificial intelligence, from basic “machine learning” imitation all the way up to modern systems inspired by the human nervous system. These advanced software “brains” make robots competent at performing tasks on their own. Robots can even improve over time, as they learn their jobs.

Factories now use AI-enabled robots for various tasks including packaging goods, and loading and unloading pallets. Your business can strategize with a robotics supplier like Vicarious to determine which business processes you can automate most profitably.


Automating tasks offers protection for the future from difficulties such as finding enough skilled workers to do the job safely and quickly. The combination of robotics and AI lets you efficiently fulfill labor needs, yielding lower costs and higher reliability. Whether a logistics firm kitting products or a manufacturer shipping out their wares, there are plenty of opportunities to make your workforce shine—through smart robotics.

Automate What You Can For Your Workforce

The key to future-proofing your business is to automate as many business processes as possible offers. Not just this or that process—maximize automation on all feasible tasks. Each activity you can task robots with serves as a potential revenue generator.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up industry, revealing the difficulties in maintaining a workforce. With employees in many industries unable to work or working remotely, businesses have started investigating automation in more depth. For many businesses, this involves deploying robots that can withstand situations that humans can’t.

While large-scale workforce automation was already underway before the pandemic, the new economic landscape undeniably added considerable pressure, making additional use cases attractive. Amid uncertainty, economic survival requires a focus on accuracy, reliability, and efficiency—the strong suits of automation.

And the trend towards workforce automation will only intensify during the economic recovery. For supply chains to resist future threats, the greater use of robotics adds resilience. Robots can work through any conditions, cushioning the blows of unforeseen events like the current pandemic. As their cognitive capabilities advance, robots will become more and more the norm.

Invest In Robots-as-a-Service

One obstacle that has often stood in the way of robotic automation in the workplace is the upfront cost. Traditionally new hardware installation has cost a small fortune—which then risks obsolescence soon after anyway. A new business model, called Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS), has removed this impediment, however.

With Robots-as-a-Service, your business can reap all the advantages of smart robots without fronting that sizable initial investment. Instead, the robotics supplier covers the capital costs, and you only pay for what you use. The robots work for a per-unit fee: you don’t spend a dime until the robots are turning a profit for you.

Given the rapid pace of change these days, Robots-as-a-Service also allows you to respond to developments fast. Without the massive costs of traditional robots, you’re free to modify your use to accommodate business requirements. Simply add, remove, or adjust the devices that you need.

When you invest in Robots-as-a-Service, you have access to a design team that assembles a custom solution. You receive complete maintenance including fresh parts and software to ensure maximum uptime. Gone are the headaches and hassles of having to buy robots outright, and figure out repairs and maintenance on your own.

Accordingly, smart robot hardware and software is now becoming a profitable investment for many business activities. To insure yourself against future hazards facing your workforce, consider investing in robots with artificial intelligence.

Are Robotic Solutions Worth Investing In?

Many have asked about these devices’ safety, performance, and effects on people’s jobs. After serious consideration, many businesses find that yes, it is worth investing in robotic solutions.

When it comes to safety, robots can actually offer an improvement in the workplace. They often do jobs too dangerous for humans, allowing people to focus on safer work. Robots can handle high temperatures, heavy weights, sharp objects, and other threats to human health. Also, it’s far better to replace a robotic part than to have a human injury.

Robots work fast and consistently. They can deliver results that justify the costs—costs you determine, by only paying for profitable work with Robots-as-a-Service. Robots can produce output of the same quality as you get from human workers. Moreover, you’ll have consistent production every single day.

As far as effects on human workers: robots can complement and benefit the labor market. With robots taking over dangerous and unpleasant duties, humans can focus their attention on safer and more enjoyable work. Robots create jobs throughout the supply chain, and increase profits to reinvest in other activities involving employment.

Investing in robotic solutions decreases operational and capital costs, making businesses more competitive. These devices also enhance product quality and quantity. With the employee turnover and difficulty of hiring that businesses now face, automation offers a secure way to future-proof the labor force.

Start Your Journey Toward Intelligent Automation With Vicarious

Intelligent automation has already become a key development in industry. The use of robots powered by advanced artificial intelligence allows factories, logistics firms, and numerous other companies to boost their productivity while decreasing costs and reliance on labor. You can exploit these benefits too.

The more processes you can automate, the more you can expect to save. Automation also bolsters your business against unpredictable events, more important than ever with COVID-19. With the Robots-as-a-Service model you don’t have to bear any of the risk of automation, yet you gain all of the advantages including efficiency and safety. Future-proof your business by investing in intelligent automation with Vicarious!