Intrinsic + Vicarious

The Vicarious business has been acquired by Intrinsic, a robotics software and AI company at Alphabet. Learn more about our shared mission here.


The whole package

Our systems simplify complex packaging operations with no fixturing or pre-sorting required. Get the whole package with our solution backed by enterprise-grade AI.

Object agnostic

Handles nearly all types of shapes, size, weight, softness, wrapping, material, surface treatment

Easy to scale

Brand new SKUs can be introduced on any shift without prior work needed

Instant changeover

Customize packaging between retailers and even individual stores with zero downtime

Precise insertion

Anchor on label orientation, press-fit insertion into plastic blisters, insertion into tightly-fitted cartons, and more

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Example use cases

Our packaging solution is the perfect fit for a wide range of use cases. Designed for fully customized packaging of almost any product.

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